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Meituan and OYO hotel to achieve the business cooperation

Date: 2019-06-02

Recently, the Meituan hotel and OYO announced a business cooperation.Meituan hotel will be the first in OYO hotel provides flow, data operation support, branding, etc.At present the two sides are starting system docking.

Through this cooperation, innovative transformation of OYO hotel to hotel owners, business development and management capacity, with Meituan hotel platform, open ecology, users and traffic advantages, science and technology innovation power complementary businesses, provide consumers with more convenient, high-quality accommodation experience.

Meituan hotel is a combination of beauty under the league flag accommodation services platform.Adhering to the "help you eat better, better life" of the enterprise mission, from Meituan hotel can provide consumers with high-grade hotel to the mass market, to the family type and small boutique hotel and so on a wide range of hotel accommodation choice, continue to help business to create value, improve optimization experience, gains.According to Meituan just released quarterly results, in the first quarter of 2019, Meituan continue to consolidate the leading status in the hotel reservations, domestic hotel room night volume reached 78.6 million, nearly thirty percent year-on-year growth.This means that, as of March 31, 2019 in the 12 months, the amount of domestic hotel room night Meituan hotel has total more than 300 million rooms, become a "300 million" a year of online hotel booking platform.

OYO is China's new hotel brought gen, has become China's largest single brand hotel, is also China's second hotel group, the world's sixth largest hotel group.In November 2017, OYO hotel in a line, a new line of city as the center, radiation surrounding two or three lines and the city, in order to "brand + fine operation" transformation of the mode, in the brand, people, technology and operation management for hotels can assign, help hotel owners earnings growth.So far, OYO hotel of more than 320 cities across the country, online hotel near m, number of nearly 450000 rooms, the contract rate is as high as 97%.

This cooperation, both sides will further activate the sinking consumer demand of the market, promoting consumption upgrading China's hotel industry.Through brand building, standardization and refinement operations, OYO hotel improve the quality of the hotel image and guest room, and brought the Chinese hotel industry supply end quality improvement.By user scale, merchants overlay network, use habits such as "super platform" of the comprehensive advantages, Meituan hotel can let users demand and supply to achieve optimal matching, make industry chain of each link to achieve efficiency.The relationship between the two sides will be win-win cooperation, give play to their respective advantages, boost consumption and experience the overall upgrade China hotel accommodation.