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7 days taking in 17.7 billion Shanghai Spring Festival tourism consumption per capita first in the country

Date: 2019-02-15

On February 10, 2019 Spring Festival golden week packaged.In tourism has gradually become the trend of new folk New Year, the Shanghai consumer market will remain hot.

China tourism academy with unionpay business jointly issued the 2019 Spring Festival tourism consumption data report, according to the Shanghai area during the Spring Festival travel consumption per capita amount of ranking first in the country.

According to unionpay business data monitoring, during the Spring Festival in Shanghai (February 3, 2019-9), 7 days a total consumption of 17.73 billion yuan, which on Feb. 4 (New Year's eve), 5 (on) consumer market two days the most fiery, spending 2.28 billion yuan and 2.19 billion yuan respectively, year-on-year growth rate as high as 9.8% and 9.8%.Consumption amount of the top three business circle for nanjing west road, nanjing dong lu and lujiazui, the three are all city central business circle.

At the same time, the number of foreign tourists consumption up to 5.194 million people, Shanghai consumption is 6.62 billion yuan, including (issue), February 6, 7 (junior) two days tourists consumer enthusiasm for spending 997 million yuan and 1.05 billion yuan respectively, year-on-year growth rate as high as 11.0% and 9.6%, during the Spring Festival tourists consumption accounts for the city's consumption ratio of 37.3%, far higher than 29.7% during the New Year's day.

Data also said that tourists consumption in jiangsu province and zhejiang province tourist visitors accounted for is higher, 26.6% and 13.6% respectively, both total more than forty percent.And consumption of 5000 yuan of above the high consumption of tourists source of the top three are Beijing, suzhou and hangzhou, consumption people accounted for 14.1%, 12.1% and 5.1%.

In Shanghai, foreigners like to Chinese Spring Festival shopping, consumption at the same time, Shanghai is keen on tourism consumption of the city.Data show that Shanghai residents traveling consumption totaling 9.832 million person-times, consumption of 11.12 billion yuan, per capita cost 1130.9 yuan, traveling destination city mainly concentrated in suzhou, hangzhou, nanjing and other cities.

Of Shanghai commerce committee, sampling survey of 380 retail and catering enterprises, according to data from the point of growth, in 2019, during the festival, February 4, 2019 to 10) key sample enterprises, sales grew 8.1% year on year.From the perspective of the formats, shopping centers, specialty stores, convenience stores, catering and other formats have maintained good growth, lane 189 shopping center, bailian occurrence of the shopping center, yi ou to outlet, bean valley plaza, Shanghai world port, Florence town, fengxian bonhams square sample companies such as sales rose more than 20%.